Dojo toolkit with Ruby on Rails

Dojo with Ruby on Rails

Dojo-rails is a gem which aims to provide a super simple way to use the Dojo Toolkit javascript library with Ruby on Rails. This site only contains a super simple blog with the new releases and the news about the project such as the upcoming features, etc. You can quickly set up this gem in your Rails application adding these lines to your Gemfile:

gem 'dojo-rails', '~> 0.14.0'

# Optionally
gem 'dijit-rails', '~> 0.14.0'
gem 'dojox-rails', '~> 0.14.0'

Then run bundle install to install it!

You can now use Dojo's assets in your application, just add a //= require dojo statement at the very top of your javascript file.

Dojo-rails is an open source project. It's released under the terms of the MIT license. Dojo Toolkit is available under either the terms of the modified BSD license or the Academic Free license.

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